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By bivda on 02/07/2014 10:49

Prime Minister David Cameron, has announced a review into antimicrobial resistance, and why so few drugs have been manufactured in recent years. The last major antibiotic was created in 1987.

Jim O’Neill, former Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs, will lead a global panel of experts from science, finance, industry, and global health, aiming to spur the development of a “new generation of antibiotics”. Work will begin in September, with the first £500,000 of the project being funded by the Wellcome Trust.  Mr O’Neill is expected to deliver his recommendations next spring.

By bivda on 18/06/2014 08:46

Today NICE will publish updated guidance on the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation. Although NICE periodically updates all of its guidance to take account of the latest research and best practice, for the first time today the guidance will be accompanied by the publication of a Consensus statement on the use of Novel Oral Anticoagulants (NOACs) drafted by the NICE Implementation Collaborative (NIC). BIVDA has been a member of the NIC Board since its inception as part ofInnovation, Health and Wealth.

By bivda on 10/06/2014 15:07

It’s National Diabetes Week 2014. BIVDA will be raising the profile of diabetes, and the importance of IVDs, in our blog and TestingTuesday Tweets. You can see all of our tweets on storify here.

Social Media has been cooking up a storm for awareness week as well, with a huge concentration written about the launch of the British Medical Journal's report on pre-diabetes diagnoses in the UK.

Read below for more. 

By bivda on 03/06/2014 14:19

Today (3 June 2014), a day before the Queen’s Speech marking the start of a new Parliamentary session, the Chair of the influential Health Select Committee, Stephen Dorrell MP, has stepped down with immediate effect.

By bivda on 19/05/2014 11:02

Diabetes UK has recently released a report entitled NHS Health Checks in Local Authorities, ref: type 2 diabetes testing. 

This looks into the uptake and achievements of the Health Check policy, since its transition from the NHS to Local Authorities in 2013.  

With the potential of diagnosing thousands of people with type 2 diabetes, the variation in delivery of the Health Checks is worrying - outlines Diabetes UK. 

By bivda on 13/05/2014 13:44

On Monday 12 May, Labour Leader Ed Miliband, unveiled One Nation Labour’s newest policies regarding the NHS, and those which they will focus on in the year up until the next general election.