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World Diabetes Day 2016 - Guest Blog from Diabetes UK

Over the last few years, the diabetes crisis has been at the forefront of Britain’s health warnings, yet not enough people are aware of how serious the condition is and how devastating its complications are. As part of World Diabetes Day 2016, Simon O’Neill, Diabetes UK’s Director of Health Intelligence and Professional Liaison, joins us to talk about the devastating condition and its effects.

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Healthy lungs, do you Breathe Easy? - Guest Blog from the British Lung Foundation

To mark the beginning of Breathe Easy Week (13-19 June), Mike McKevitt, Head of Patient Services at the British Lung Foundation, has written for us about lung health and how the campaign aims to raise awareness about the many factors that undermine it.

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Announcing the results of our last submissions as we celebrate our first anniversary - Guest Blog from the Longitude Prize

In the second of our AMR guest blog double bill, this piece courtesy of the Longitude Prize, written by Professor Dame Sally Davies, discusses the Prize at its one year anniversary, the ongoing battle against AMR,and the important role that diagnostic testing can play in the fight.

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The fight against antimicrobial resistance across Europe - Guest Blog from Nesta

Cath Sleeman and Nina Cromeyer Dieke from Nesta outline the growing global problem of antimicrobial resistance - a problem that diagnostic testing is poised to tackle. 

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wear it pink for Breast Cancer Now - Guest Blog

Katie Goates, Senior Research Communications Officer at Breast Cancer Now, gives us the lowdown on the UK's most colourful awareness day.

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Party Conference Season 2015

The past two weeks have seen all members of the BIVDA team regularly hitting the road for one reason or another, representing the diagnostics industry at a variety of events. An office of five we may be, but five in the office at the same time is a different matter entirely!

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Trio of appointments will shape Labour’s health policy under Corbyn - Guest Blog from Incisive Health

In today's guest blog, Ben Nunn and Mike Birtwistle, from Incisive Health, look at the key figures in the Shadow Cabinet who will determine where Labour goes on health.

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Barbara at BIVDA: One Year In

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun! Barbara, having completed her first year at BIVDA, gives us a lowdown on what has been keeping her busy for the past 12 months #Barbara'sBIVDAblog

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Beating Blood Cancer: Diagnostics in Action

Ahead of Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September, this week’s #BIVDAblog is raising awareness of haematological malignancies and the role played by diagnostics.

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Cancer Diagnostics: Research in the Media

With the rising prominence of tumour biomarkers and genetic profiling, it is clear that the profile of in vitro diagnostics within the cancer sector has never been higher. BIVDA outlines some of the research that has grabbed the attention of the national media this year.

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