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Diagnosing cancer earlier saves lives

Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest cancer charity, raising awareness and funding research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. In this article, Matthew Wickenden, Early Diagnosis Manager at Cancer Research UK tells us about the importance of early diagnosis for cancer outcomes, what Cancer Research UK are doing in this field, and how the UK can improve its standing on the international stage.

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BIVDA Chief Exec addresses Parliamentary and Scientific Committee

Jan 22 2015

Doris-Ann Williams MBE, CEO of BIVDA  presented to MPs at the latest meeting of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, which focused on life sciences in the UK. Welcomed to the meeting by Chair, Andrew Miller MP, Doris-Ann was joined by Professor Guy Poppy, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Food Standards Agency, and Dr Malcolm Skingle CBE, Director, Academic Liaison, GlaxoSmithKline. 

New NICE Guidance for Diabetes

Dec 15 2014

NICE have issued two draft guidelines on diabetes care. Of the two documents, one focuses on adults with type 1 diabetes and the other concentrates on children and young adults, with both type 1 or type 2. 

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Increasing access to diagnostics hits the headlines again

Nov 27 2014

Today (27 November, 2014) a commission established by the Lancet has reported that liver disease stands out as a glaring exception to the vast improvements made during the past 30 years in health and life expectancy for chronic disorders such as stroke, heart disease and many cancers.

Party Conference Season 2014

Oct 15 2014

With the 2015 General Election fast approaching, BIVDA co-hosted three discussion meetings at the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Party conferences, as part of Life Science UK, and with the AMRC. 

Reshuffle Blog, out with the old in with the new?

Jul 28 2014

Following four years in office, with a solid reputation for representing the scientific community, as well as British universities, David Willetts MP has moved on as Minister for Universities and Science. The work he has undertaken will of course be remembered, and we are still looking forward to working on the Catapult for Precision Medicine brought about by David Willetts.

 The dual role of David “two brains” Willetts has been taken on by two MPs, George Freeman and Greg Clark.

The PM, the Prize and Antimicrobial Resistance

Jul 02 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron, has announced a review into antimicrobial resistance, and why so few drugs have been manufactured in recent years. The last major antibiotic was created in 1987.

Jim O’Neill, former Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs, will lead a global panel of experts from science, finance, industry, and global health, aiming to spur the development of a “new generation of antibiotics”. Work will begin in September, with the first £500,000 of the project being funded by the Wellcome Trust.  Mr O’Neill is expected to deliver his recommendations next spring.