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13 July 2015  BIVDA admin
HQ and CEO of the Precision Medicine Catapult Announced
By BIVDA admin @ 16:16 :: 105 Views

Innovate UK has announced today that the Precision Medicine Catapult will be headquartered in Cambridge. The new Chief Executive, John McKinley was also announced today. 

For further detail click below. 
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26 June 2015   BIVDA
Latest Strategy Newsletter from the Office of Life Sciences Released
By BIVDA @ 12:26 :: 53 Views

The latest edition of the Strategy of UK Life Sciences Newsletter has been released, with George Freeman MP outlining his intentions for this Parliament, highlighting his commitment to digital technology, the 100,000 Genomes Project, and the Accelerated Access Review.

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23 June 2015   BIVDA
Cancer recognition and referral guidelines updated by NICE
By BIVDA @ 12:27 :: 46 Views

NICE has published its updated guidance on Suspected cancer: recognition and referral. These guidelines cover the recognition and selection for referral or investigation in primary care of people of all ages, and should also help those in secondary care to understand which services should be provided for people with suspected cancer.

New guidance for GPs means that cancer tests will be extended to more than half a million extra people a year. Click below to find out more.

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11 June 2015   BIVDA
DH publish interim findings of Lord Carter’s productivity review
By BIVDA @ 12:31 :: 70 Views

The interim findings of Lord Carter’s review into productivity in NHS hospitals has been NHS productivity. His report finds that the NHS could save up to £5 billion every year by 2020 by making better use of staff, using medicines more effectively and getting better value from the huge number of products it buys.

He has outlined a number of recommendations, including the need for further investigations into diagnostics. The full report will be published in autumn 2015

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09 June 2015   BIVDA
National Screening Committee upholds rejection of new screening programmes
By BIVDA @ 12:32 :: 41 Views
It has been confirmed today that the UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) upheld its recommendation against screening programme for bladder cancer, following a review.

The UK NSC also rejected introducing:

• Screening adults for depression
• Screening newborn babies for amino acid metabolism disorders
• Screening newborn babies for fatty-acid oxidation disorders
• Screening newborn babies for Galactosaemia

Click below to find further information on the review.

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05 June 2015   BIVDA
Five Year Forward View: Time to Deliver
By BIVDA @ 18:24 :: 53 Views

At the NHS Confederation conference yesterday, the seven main national health bodies published Five Year Forward View: Time to Deliver. 

A brief summary of each section is provided

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05 June 2015   BIVDA
How to get involved in the Government's Accelerated Access Review
By BIVDA @ 18:02 :: 43 Views
The Office for Life Sciences has opened up its own website for the Accelerated Access Review here.

All importantly, it has now outlined the ways in which we can all get involved. 

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05 June 2015   BIVDA
Accelerated Access Review - Big themes released
By BIVDA @ 12:36 :: 50 Views

The Accelerated Access Review has set out the main themes and questions it will be looking at in it work to speed up access to innovative drugs, devices, digital health and diagnostics for NHS patients.

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29 May 2015   BIVDA
Lab Tests Online Annual Report for 2014.
By BIVDA @ 12:37 :: 41 Views

Lab Tests Online has published their Annual Report for 2014. 
Download it here


22 April 2015   BIVDA
Main parties take part in major health debate
By BIVDA @ 16:38 :: 44 Views

Health representatives from the major parties participated in the ‘Health and Care Debate’ yesterday  Taking part were Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, Andy Burnham, Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care and Support and Julia Reid MEP, UKIP Deputy Health Spokesperson.  After opening statements, the event followed a ‘Question Time’ format, drawing on questions from the audience.  

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