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24 October 2016  
Sir Hugh Taylor publishes the Accelerated Access Review
By @ 11:14 :: 567 Views

The Accelerated Access Review, commissioned by the Government and led by Sir Hugh Taylor, has been published today. The Review suggests how the UK can become a world-leader in in healthcare innovation, including in vitro diagnostics, through the adoption of 18 final recommendations.

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21 September 2016  
UN declaration on antimicrobial resistance signed
By @ 13:47 :: 655 Views

The 193 member states of the United Nations have today signed a declaration agreeing to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR), only the fourth time a UN declaration has been reached on a health issue. Each member state has agreed that drug resistant infections must be tackled as a priority and now have two years to report back with an action plan.

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19 September 2016  
BIVDA comments on the Government’s response to the O’Neill Review on AMR
By @ 16:08 :: 673 Views

Doris-Ann Williams MBE, Chief Executive of BIVDA, has today commented on the publication of the Government’s response to Lord Jim O’Neill’s independent review on antimicrobial resistance.

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16 September 2016  
Government publishes response to O'Neill Review on Antimicrobial Resistance
By @ 15:06 :: 765 Views

The Government has today published its response to the O’Neill Review on AMR, referencing the vital role diagnostics have throughout the report. 

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07 September 2016  
Multi-million pound package to achieve NHS digital excellence announced in response to Wachter review
By @ 09:58 :: 725 Views

Jeremy Hunt has today announced new plans to expand the use of digital technology across the NHS and improve the digital skills of the NHS workforce in response to Wachter review. Twelve trusts - 'global exemplars' - will receive funding of up to £10m each to fast track digital innovation, while twenty more trusts will receive up to £5m to act as national digital champions.

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06 July 2016  
Cervical cancer screening samples to be tested for HPV first
By @ 16:52 :: 1065 Views

After a successful pilot programme and a recommendation by the UK National Screening Committee, screening samples will be tested for human papilloma virus (HPV) first. This will be rolled out across England as the primary screening test for cervical disease.

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07 June 2016  
Government approves UK National Screening Committee's recommendation regarding the bowel cancer screening programme in England
By @ 16:45 :: 1163 Views

Today the Government approved the UK National Screening Committee’s (UKNSC) recommendation to replace the current test used in the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (BSCP) in England with a new test – the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT).

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19 May 2016  
BIVDA's response to the final recommendations of the Review on AMR
By @ 11:22 :: 1542 Views

Doris-Ann Williams MBE, Chief Executive of BIVDA,has responded to the publication of the final report of Lord Jim O’Neill’s global Review on AMR.

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18 May 2016  
Discovery Awards launched to help teams progress ideas for the Longitude Prize
By @ 16:30 :: 1254 Views

On Monday evening, Professor Dame Sally Davies launched the Discovery Awards, on behalf of the Committee and Advisory Panel of the Longitude Prize. These awards are now open for applications, with a short deadline of 26th August. Read on for more information.

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23 March 2016  
Supporting evidence published for the Accelerated Access Review
By @ 14:50 :: 1313 Views

The Accelerated Access Review team has published the findings of four pieces of commissioned research on key questions to support the work of the review.

The four documents are as follows:
• Medicines Adaptive Pathways for Patients
• The Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS)
• Accelerated Access Review Proposition 2: Getting ahead of the curve
• Galvanising the NHS to adopt innovation

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