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19 February 2015  Rachel Myers
The King's Fund report on 'Implementing the NHS Five Year Forward View'
By Rachel Myers @ 16:54 :: 263 Views

The King’s Fund has published a report setting out the main changes needed for the implementation of the NHS Five Year Forward View (Forward View).  It calls for fundamental changes to how health services are commissioned, paid for and regulated.

The Forward View was published in 2014 by NHS England and outlines how NHS services must change.  Rather than focusing on a one size fits all approach, the Forward View outlines a number of care models that may be adapted in different areas to put in place services fit for the needs of local populations.  The King’s Fund paper, Implementing the NHS Five Year Forward View: aligning policies with the plan, argues that without significant policy change and new approaches to leadership there is a danger that the Forward View could fail to deliver on its ambitions.

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28 March 2014  Rebecca Bellars
Chief Medical Officer publishes annual report on state of the public’s health
By Rebecca Bellars @ 14:56 :: 1015 Views

Chapters in this year’s report are:

  • Health and employment

  • Health and justice

  • Sensory impairment

  • Diet, physical exercise and obesity

  • Cancer trends

  • Liver disease

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13 February 2014  Rebecca Bellars
Government has made progress delivering Strategy for UK Life Sciences, but there’s more to do, says LifeSciencesUK
By Rebecca Bellars @ 13:37 :: 1054 Views

A review of the government’s Strategy for UK Life Sciences has found that eight out of the 13 initiatives reviewed have made notable progress towards the actions and commitments set out in the original strategy, but there is still much more work to do to meet the strategy’s original objectives. 

To see LifeSciencesUK's report - click here. 

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07 February 2014  Rebecca Bellars
BIVDA's response to NICE Consultation
By Rebecca Bellars @ 11:15 :: 876 Views

On Monday 3rd February, BIVDA responded to the NICE Consultation on the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) with reference to the Diabetes Indicator. 

To see our response click here. 

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14 January 2014  Rebecca Bellars
BIVDA's CEO Doris-Ann Williams gives Oral Evidence to Parliamentary Committee
By Rebecca Bellars @ 10:01 :: 1769 Views

Following the submission of written evidence to the Science and Technology Committee's Inquiry into Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR), Doris-Ann was invited to give Oral Evidence. 

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06 December 2013  Rebecca Bellars
Review of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement
By Rebecca Bellars @ 10:18 :: 1169 Views

As follows are the key health policy issues, as well as wider announcements, covered in the Autumn Statement made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP, to Parliament  on Thursday 5 December. 

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02 December 2013  Rebecca Bellars
Department of Health Competition
By Rebecca Bellars @ 11:52 :: 1182 Views

£10 million competition for business to map rare cancer genes

Winning companies will be funded to develop high-tech products to help identify and treat inherited diseases and cancer. Ideas could include new computer code or hardware, or improvements of existing software and devices. 

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26 November 2013  Rebecca Bellars
Department of Health release Policy Paper: Rare Diseases
By Rebecca Bellars @ 12:50 :: 1211 Views

Health Minister Lord Howe has launched the first UK Rare Diseases Strategy.  The strategy aims to help build understanding of rare diseases, and increase research to find effective treatments and therapies.  The Government has also announced that the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) will establish a Rare Diseases Translational Research Collaboration (TRC), which will be given £20 million over a period of four years. 

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06 November 2013  Rebecca Bellars
Response to Science and Technology Committee's Inquiry into Antimicrobial Resistance
By Rebecca Bellars @ 15:07 :: 1234 Views

BIVDA has responded to the Science and Technology Committee's inquiry into antimicrobial resistance, following the Department of Health's Five Year Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy, 2013-2018. 

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18 December 2012  Gemma Scotcher
Pathology Quality Assurance review launched
By Gemma Scotcher @ 16:15 :: 2669 Views

The British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) welcomes today’s announcement that there will be a review of quality assurance arrangements for NHS pathology services.

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