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Liberating the NHS: no decision about me, without me - Further consultation on proposals to secure shared decision-making

BIVDA welcomes the Department of Health’s move to consult on patient choice in diagnostic testing. The in vitro diagnostics sector is a leader in healthcare innovation and BIVDA sees this as a real chance to make sure its voice is heard.

Having long championed greater patient education for testing involved in the self-management of long term conditions, BIVDA is keen to emphasise this message once again. It is important that patients are empowered to reach informed decisions about their healthcare. This means that appropriate information must be of the highest standard and widely available.

BIVDA’s Chief Executive, Doris-Ann Williams MBE said:

‘We are pleased to have this chance to respond to the Department of Health as the voice of the British IVD sector. Shared decision making has the potential to unlock higher quality personalised care in which the patient becomes an active participant. Essential to this, however, is effective communication and education. Choice must not be an end in itself, but rather a tool for improving patient outcomes.

We will be responding to the consultation and encourage member companies to do so on an individual basis.'

The consultation documents can be found here:

Posted 23 May 2012