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Ensuring equitable access to complex molecular diagnostic testing for cancer patients

Some key points from our response include:

  • BIVDA consider the proposals to be acceptable first steps but the scope should be widened to include tests which have a predictive and prognostic value, rather than simply being tied to a pharmaceutical therapy
  • Silo budgeting in the NHS has been a cause of unmet need in the case of complex molecular testing, hindering equitable access to innovative technologies
  • There is concern that the proposal of assessing only 5 diagnostic technologies a year is a rate limiting step, BIVDA would like to see more than five new tests approved each year

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The British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) represents the in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) industry in the UK. BIVDA member companies employ 8,000 people directly in the UK and provide the tests and equipment to the NHS to allow rapid diagnosis. IVDs also enable screening for disease, monitoring and managing treatment and are vital to ensure the safety of the blood supply for transfusion. Information from IVD tests accounts for about 70% of the information on a patient’s record. Increasingly diagnostics are available for use in a primary care setting and to enable people to manage their own diseases from home. This reduces the need for hospitalised care and will improve quality of life for much of the population.

For more information, please contact Gemma Scotcher on: gemma@bivda.co.uk or 07738056722