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27 June 2014  Joanne Hunter
New Siemens RAPIDComm Data Management System V5.0 delivers workflow innovation for point of care
By Joanne Hunter @ 08:29 :: 163 Views

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has released a major software upgrade for the RAPIDComm Data Management System. Version 5.0 of the informatics solution centrally manages Siemens in vitro diagnostics analysers and operators at the point-of-care (POC). The upgrade encompasses Siemens’ POC Ecosystem™ which aims to improve a POC coordinator’s ability to meet challenges across a number of care components including device management, compliance reporting, remote monitoring and mobile access. 

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24 June 2014  Joanne Hunter
DiaSorin acknowledges Biocentric for significant growth in molecular extraction kit sales
By Joanne Hunter @ 11:17 :: 175 Views

The French medical diagnostics supplier, Biocentric, is the latest company to achieve Platinum Distributor Status from DiaSorin in recognition of their outstanding contribution to sales of the DiaSorin Arrow instrument and molecular extraction kits throughout France and overseas.  In the 5 years that Biocentric has been a distributor of Arrow products, their annual sales have demonstrated significant year on year growth.

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18 June 2014  Joanne Hunter
Origin Sciences launches OriCol™, an innovative sampling device to enable investigations in Gastrointestinal (GI) disease
By Joanne Hunter @ 09:17 :: 182 Views

London and Cambridge, UK, 17 June 2014: Origin Sciences Ltd, a medical technology company developing innovative devices for investigating GI diseases, has today announced the launch of their new OricCol™ sample collection device. OriCol™ enables the convenient and effective sampling of mucocellular material that has migrated along the entire colon to the rectum. The OriCol™ device is CE marked and collects biologically informative samples containing a range of biomarkers to enable clinical analysis and research into GI conditions.

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12 June 2014  Joanne Hunter
ISO 15189 Made Easier - Commercial Control Materials Provide Accuracy and Consistency
By Joanne Hunter @ 11:13 :: 214 Views

Laboratories looking to implement the new ISO 15189 standards for UKAS accreditation will have to demonstrate that their testing service follows defined quality assurance levels, performing with competence and consistency. That means removing risks of variability wherever possible.

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10 June 2014  Joanne Hunter
Momentum BioScience Ltd receives additional funding to further develop the innovative ETGA technology and to launch its first diagnostic test
By Joanne Hunter @ 10:09 :: 242 Views

Momentum Bioscience Ltd is pleased to announce the completion of a successful fundraising campaign. The funding of £1.68m is the first stage of an on-going investment programme and will enable the company to complete the validation, CE marking and launch of the first diagnostic test in its portfolio. It will also use the investment to establish new R&D and manufacturing facilities and progress the development of further products to bring to market.

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09 June 2014  Rebecca Bellars
EKF Lead Collaborator in Biomarkers of Progressive Diabetic Kidney Disease to Deliver Prestigious Kelly West Lecture at ADA Scientific Sessions for 2014
By Rebecca Bellars @ 14:55 :: 238 Views

EKF Diagnostics, the global diagnostics company, today highlights that the lead scientist working in collaboration with its Kidney Biomarker team to develop tests for progressive Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD) will receive the 2014 Kelly West Award in Epidemiology at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 74th Scientific Sessions. Dr. Andrzej Krolewski, MD, PhD, Head of Section on Genetics and Epidemiology at the Joslin Diabetes Center and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, receives this eminent award in recognition of his significant contribution to the field of diabetes epidemiology.

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04 June 2014  Joanne Hunter
Demand for innovative POC instrument reaches all time high as NHS adopts clot-free blood gas testing
By Joanne Hunter @ 11:19 :: 272 Views

Demand for the cobas® b 123 POC System, the point of care blood gas analyser from Roche, has reached an all time high,  since its launch in 2011, with a record number of installations in the first quarter of 2014.  With its broad range of critical care parameters and its robust and reliable operation, it has become an important and valued addition to many intensive care units, emergency departments and other critical care settings in hospitals throughout the UK.

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02 June 2014  Joanne Hunter
Essential blood gas pre-analytics training on your iPhone or iPad - Roche launches new blood gas training app for healthcare professionals
By Joanne Hunter @ 11:24 :: 254 Views

Downloadable free of charge from the App Store, the “Blood Gas – Learn your ABGs” app from Roche is a fun new training tool designed to support healthcare professionals in learning how to avoid pre-analytical errors in arterial blood gas (ABG) testing. Covering all aspects of blood gas pre-analytics, from patient preparation to sample collection and storage, the app aims to help ensure good practice, safe procedures and reliable results in point of care ABG testing.

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29 May 2014  Joanne Hunter
Preliminary results for the year ended 31st December, 2013
By Joanne Hunter @ 09:24 :: 251 Views


  • Revenue increased 86% to £2.14m (2012: £1.15m)
  • Licences / Sales / Services revenue up 137% to £1.92m (2012: £0.81m)
  • TMT® reagent sales rose 63% in 2013
  • Loss after tax reduced 26% to £3.15m (2012: £4.25m)
  • Cash at year-end £0.60m (2012: £0.86m). Placing of 3.57m shares in February 2014 raised £5m 
  • Significant benefits from the launch of TMT® 10-plex
  • Strategic $2.1m licence and research agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Sharp growth in biomarker assays assisted by SysQuant® workflows
  • 17 patents granted , further 32 applications filed
  • Our Alzheimer’s disease research endorsed by David Cameron in Keynote G8 Summit speech
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27 May 2014  Joanne Hunter
Studies Validate EKF Diagnostics’ Early Stage Test for Progressive Diabetic Kidney Disease
By Joanne Hunter @ 13:40 :: 274 Views

Independent scientific evidence confirms novel sTNFR1/2 biomarkers can accurately predict end-stage renal disease, up to 10 years in advance

Cardiff, UK – 22nd May 2014EKF Diagnostics, the global diagnostics company, today confirms the growing weight of independent scientific evidence as validation that soluble TNF Receptors 1 and 2 are strong biomarkers of progressive Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD). EKF affirms that the markers can be reliably used as diagnostic tests to predict end-stage renal disease (ESRD) - one of the greatest mortality risks in diabetics - up to 10 years in advance. 

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