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20 April 2016  
New BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo Turbidimetric Faecal Calprotectin Assay
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Faecal calprotectin (fCAL) has become an increasingly important biomarker for in vitro diagnostic detection of gut inflammation. It enables clinicians to make initial diagnostic predictions without the need for invasive and costly endoscopies. With the advent of NICE diagnostics guidance [DG11], the demand for faecal calprotectin testing has risen significantly. 

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20 April 2016  
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System* has the Potential to Positively Impact Clinical Service Delivery
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Findings from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Nyon, Switzerland — (20 April 2016) Beckman Coulter today announced that the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Virology Department is the first site to introduce the company’s DxN VERIS HBV assay* routinely.  Operating on the DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System, that consolidates DNA extraction, amplification and detection within a single automated instrument, the HBV assay will allow the laboratory to offer service users greater precision at low HBV viral loads as well as improved turnaround times. 


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05 April 2016  
By @ 13:10 :: 73 Views

For immediate release: 5th April 2016; Cobham, UK. As global experts in mapping and analysis of protein changes in systems-wide biology, Proteome Sciences plc  is strongly encouraged by two recent reports that emphasise the importance of protein profiling to improve outcomes in cancer treatment. These highlight the growing need for more detailed, personal assessment of protein profiles to improve the management of cancer treatment.

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04 April 2016  
Viral load workflow improvements and time savings achieved using DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System
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Niguarda Hospital case study now available


Nyon, Switzerland — (30 March 2016) A case study describing the experiences of Niguarda Hospital, Milan, in assessing the new DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System is now available from Beckman Coulter. The case study describes the workflow improvements and reduced turnaround times that the hospital’s Molecular Biology Laboratory was able to achieve for viral load measurements using the DxN VERIS system.


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17 March 2016  Rachel Myers
Are IVD Medical Device companies ready for the challenge of meeting new EU regulatory legislation?
By Rachel Myers @ 16:44 :: 138 Views :: 2016

The introduction of new EU regulatory legislation is likely to have a major impact on In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) manufacturers as they meet new external EU compliance requirements. Currently 80% of all IVD devices on the market in the EU meet self-certified compliance requirements but new EU legislation means they will have to meet rules based on classifications set by the Global Harmonization Task Force.


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15 March 2016  
Automated Faecal Immunochemical Testing
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HM-JACKarc System Provides A Cost Effective Alternative to Colonoscopy


Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) demonstrates greater sensitivity and specificity for faecal haemoglobin (f-Hb) than guaiac based tests. Increased concentrations off-Hb are indicative of greater risk of pathology for cancers and high risk adenomas. The Kyowa Medex HM-JACKarc, available exclusively in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, is an automated FIT system suitable for both screening and symptomatic patient assessment. It includes a state of the art automated analyser, a bespoke faecal sample tube and dedicated, sensitive, latex agglutination reagents. This combination provides a convenient, high throughput solution for the detection and quantification of faecal occult blood.




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29 February 2016  
Trading Update
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29 February 2016

After closing 2015 with a good increase in revenues in the second half, the current year has
started well with a strong order book and a growing pipeline in biomarker services.
Following the addition of a further Fusion mass spectrometer in Q4 that doubled the levels
of SysQuant®/TMTcalibrator™ production, the increased capacity is being fully utilised in
2016 with four customer projects completed and the volume of customer enquiries rising on
a monthly basis. Importantly we are also gaining more repeat business with two significant
service contracts signed using SysQuant® and TMTcalibrator™ together totalling £500,000
and with further contracts in discussion. These revenues will fall into the current financial
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22 February 2016  
New Tacta Pipettes Ensure Optimal Care for You and Your Science
By @ 14:22 :: 168 Views


The New Tacta premium pipette range, now available from Alpha Laboratories, has been carefully designed in response to user requirements for an extremely high performance, reliable and ergonomic instrument. Tacta is so light and comfortable to use and has so many features to help make pipetting that much easier. It meets the most demanding pipetting requirements, delivering consistent and accurate results time after time whilst providing optimal user safety and experience. 

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22 February 2016  
Siemens Healthcare Limited launches new assay range to improve workload consolidation in the laboratory
By @ 14:06 :: 170 Views

·      A range of new assays has been released by Siemens for use on ADVIA Centaur and IMMULITE XPi 2000 systems

·      Launch includes the first automated quantitative thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin (TSI) assay used in the diagnosis of Graves’ disease

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02 February 2016  
Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) is Cost Effective Compared to Colonoscopy
By @ 10:09 :: 206 Views

The new NICE guidelines [NG12] for “Suspected cancer: recognition and referral” have recommended Faecal Occult Blood Testing (FOBT) as a cost effective method in primary care, for detecting colorectal cancers in people aged 40 or older with a change in bowel habit.
Laboratories who embrace the newer technology of qFIT can provide a more proactive service to their community whilst enjoying the productivity benefits of an automated system such as
HM-JACKarc from Alpha Laboratories.
The NICE publication reverses the original decision from 2004, to cease guaiac based testing, which has resulted in a significant decline in FOBT since then. 

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