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24 September 2014  Joanne Hunter
Advanced automation solution future-proofs expanding pathology workload at Addenbrooke’s Hospital
By Joanne Hunter @ 12:25 :: 149 Views

Addenbrooke’s Hospital, part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH), has recently installed the Aptio Automation solution from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. It is providing a fully automated process for analysing all core chemistry and immunoassay work, with the intention of completing the full blood sciences track with the addition of coagulation and haematology in the future. Aptio has already helped to improve throughput, boost capacity and free up staff time at the hospital, therefore allowing for an increased workload.

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24 September 2014  Joanne Hunter
Origin Sciences wins Cambridge Innovation Award for OriCol™ sample collection device
By Joanne Hunter @ 10:12 :: 180 Views

London and Cambridge, UK, 23 September 2014: Origin Sciences Ltd, a diagnostics company developing innovative tools and assays for investigating GI diseases, has today announced it has won a prestigious Cambridge News Top Innovation Award. At the inaugural Awards presentation last week at Clare College, Cambridge, Origin Sciences scooped a coveted Innovation Award for their first product; the OriCol™ sample collection device.

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24 September 2014  Joanne Hunter
Brand New Alpha Laboratories Catalogue - Includes More Than 1000 New Products
By Joanne Hunter @ 09:10 :: 128 Views

Get your personal copy of the new Alpha Laboratories catalogue with the most up to date information on the full range of quality Diagnostic and Laboratory Products.

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17 September 2014  Joanne Hunter
Miniature in-line blood gas analyser launched by Sphere Medical at AAGBI 2014
By Joanne Hunter @ 08:53 :: 130 Views

Cambridge, UK – 16 September 2014 Sphere Medical, innovator in critical care monitoring and diagnostics equipment, will launch its cutting edge in-line patient dedicated arterial blood gas analyser at the AAGBI Annual Congress 2014, Harrogate, 17-19th September. The new Proxima miniaturised blood gas analyser uniquely delivers rapid and frequent results at a patient’s bedside to enable fast response, proactive critical care.

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16 September 2014  Joanne Hunter
Science and Technology Award for TMT at HUPO World Congress
By Joanne Hunter @ 09:45 :: 157 Views

15th September 2014. Proteome Sciences is delighted that HUPO (Human Proteome
Organisation) has announced that the Science and Technology Award for the
commercialisation of isobaric mass tagging technologies, including our TMT® isobaric mass
tags for labelling samples in mass spectrometers, is to be presented at the forthcoming HUPO
World Congress in Madrid. Dr Andrew Thompson, Head of Chemical Proteomics at
Proteome Sciences is amongst the team being honoured. Dr Thompson was an original
inventor of TMT® proteomics and he has also worked on the application of isobaric tags in
genomics and MALDI imaging. TMT® chemical tags, distributed through Thermo Scientific,
have become the global market leader and that position will be extended through a continuing
program of new product introductions.

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11 September 2014  Joanne Hunter
The Juncker Commission: A strong and experienced team standing for change
By Joanne Hunter @ 10:19 :: 167 Views

Today, President-elect Juncker unveiled his team and the new shape of the next European Commission. After the European Union has come through one of the most testing periods in its history, one of the biggest challenges will be to convince citizens that things will change. To deliver change, the Commission needs to be open to reform. The new European Commission will be streamlined to focus on tackling the big political challenges Europe is facing: getting people back to work in decent jobs, triggering more investment, making sure banks lend to the real economy again, creating a connected digital market, a credible foreign policy and ensuring Europe stands on its own feet when it comes to energy security. The new way the Commission will be set up reflects these Political Guidelines, on the basis of which Jean-Claude Juncker was elected by the European Parliament.

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04 September 2014  Joanne Hunter
Key opinion leaders provide an insight into best practice in acute cardiac care
By Joanne Hunter @ 12:06 :: 169 Views

Radiometer, a leading provider of technologically advanced acute care testing solutions, is
pleased to announce the publication of Excellence in acute cardiac care, a supplement to the
European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care.

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01 September 2014  Rebecca Bellars
Less than 40% of people in the UK understand the pathologist’s vital role in diagnosing cancer
By Rebecca Bellars @ 14:13 :: 239 Views

n the eve of the European Congress of Pathology in London, new research shows the pathologist’s critical role in tackling cancer is not widely understood.

Chalfont St Giles, 29 August 2014 – As the European Congress of Pathology begins this weekend in London, new research from GE Healthcare shows that many people do not understand the importance of the pathologist in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer1, the most common cancer in Europe, with more than 464,000 new cases diagnosed in 2012.

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19 August 2014  Joanne Hunter
Advanced Cell Diagnostics and Leica Biosystems Begin Co-marketing Fully Automated RNA in situ Hybridization Assay
By Joanne Hunter @ 08:43 :: 259 Views

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA & HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA, August 13, 2014: Leica Biosystems and Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. (ACD) have announced the co-marketing of ACD's RNAscope® LS ISH assays with Leica Biosystems' BOND RX research staining platform*. This agreement provides researchers with an integrated and fully automated ISH solution. The market-leading RNAscope LS reagent kits and ISH probes are available from ACD while the BOND RX instrument and associated reagents are supplied by Leica Biosystems.

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12 August 2014  Joanne Hunter
Liver disease: developments in the understanding and assessment of liver fibrosis
By Joanne Hunter @ 15:27 :: 268 Views

According to recent statistics1 deaths from liver disease have risen by 40% between 2001 and 2012 and the disease is the only major disease group in which annual deaths are on the rise. With this in mind it becomes increasingly important to measure liver fibrosis, the scarring process that represents the liver’s response to injury or disease. Liver fibrosis is the final common pathway of all chronic liver disease (CLD), and most of these liver diseases are asymptomatic and the patient is unaware of the symptoms until it is often too late. 

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