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18 October 2016  Joanne Hunter
EKF Diagnostics’ novel diabetic biomarker test successfully externally verified
By Joanne Hunter @ 11:17 :: 89 Views

Cardiff, UK – 18th October 2016 – EKF Diagnostics, the global in vitro diagnostics company, announces that its newly introduced Glycated Serum Protein (GSP) LiquiColor® diabetic biomarker test has been verified for use on the Siemens Vista chemistry analyzer. In a scientific poster published by scientists at the Memorial Healthcare System, Hollywood, USA [1], it was demonstrated that EKF’s GSP assay enhances the versatility of the Vista system for the specialized glycemic monitoring of diabetics with hemoglobinopathies, or conditions that affect red blood cell (RBC) lifespan.

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12 October 2016  Joanne Hunter
Large study shows older breast cancer patients have worse outcomes
By Joanne Hunter @ 16:08 :: 110 Views

Results highlight need for tools to help identify patients who may benefit from chemotherapy

LONDON, [October 10, 2016] – Results from a large-scale observational study1, presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) annual meeting, October 7 – 11 in Copenhagen, Denmark, showed outcomes disparities in breast cancer-specific mortality between patients 70 years or greater and those under 70 with a higher breast cancer mortality for the older patients.

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12 October 2016  Joanne Hunter
New Lateral Flow Device manufacturing facility
By Joanne Hunter @ 13:31 :: 86 Views

Mologic Ltd, headquartered in Bedfordshire, is pleased to announce the opening of its new manufacturing facility. Set up for small-scale LFD production (5,000 per lot, 500,000 per year) we have some capacity available for contract work.

Please contact David Hall on 01234 780020 or check our website for more details: www.mologic.co.uk

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11 October 2016  Joanne Hunter
BBI Solutions OEM Ltd acquires remaining share of joint venture with Novarum DX.
By Joanne Hunter @ 16:24 :: 77 Views

Cardiff, UK, October 10, 2016 – BBI Solutions OEM Ltd (BBI) (www.bbisolutions.com), the leading provider of lateral flow diagnostics and biological raw materials, announced the successful acquisition of its previous joint venture with Novarum DX Ltd - a developer of smart phone applications for reading diagnostic tests, in line with the company's expansion plans.

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11 October 2016  Joanne Hunter
Customer input drives expansion of OGT’s Cytocell Aquarius® Haematology FISH probe range
By Joanne Hunter @ 16:20 :: 118 Views

Oxford, UK – 11 October 2016. Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), The Molecular Genetics Company, has today announced a significant expansion of its existing catalogue of Cytocell Aquarius® Haematology probes for fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) — underlining the company's position as the one-stop-shop for high-quality FISH probes. These additions have been introduced due to an ongoing commitment to use customer input as a major driver for the rapid development of the latest research-relevant probes. The 14 newly launched probes are:

·         CBFB Proximal Probe Red

·         CBFB Distal Probe Green

·         MECOM Probe Red

·         RUNX1 Probe Green

·         NUP98 Proximal Probe Red

·         NUP98 Distal Probe Green

·         TET2 Probe Red

·         USP46 (4q12) Probe Green

·         CSF1R/RPS14 (5q32-q33) Probe Red

·         EGR1/CDC25C (5q31) Probe Green

·         TERT (5p15.33) Probe Aqua

·         CUX1 (7q22) Probe Green

·         EZH2 (7q36) Probe Red

·         Chromosome 7 Alpha Satellite Probe Aqua

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10 October 2016  Joanne Hunter
Abingdon Health announces CE marking of Seralite®-FLC ELISA
By Joanne Hunter @ 11:42 :: 77 Views

10th October 2016

Abingdon Health announce the CE marking of Seralite®-FLC ELISA, the latest addition to the Seralite® range. The introduction of an ELISA assay to measure serum free kappa and free lambda light chains means Abingdon Health now has the opportunity to offer its customers a simple, high throughput method for detecting and measuring serum FLC levels.

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05 October 2016  Joanne Hunter
New Rapid Test Makes Infliximab Dose Optimisation Quicker and Easier
By Joanne Hunter @ 11:46 :: 136 Views

BÜHLMANN has introduced the first rapid test to measure infliximab trough level in patient’s serum, on the Quantum Blue® platform. Exclusively available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, Quantum Blue infliximab enables responsive anti-TNFα drug optimisation, maximising the benefit of costly biologic therapies.

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03 October 2016  Joanne Hunter
Biofortuna reaches key milestones for ReadyPlex™ blood group genotyping product family
By Joanne Hunter @ 13:54 :: 86 Views

Biofortuna Ltd, a UK-based diagnostics company offering molecular diagnostic products and contract manufacturing services, has successfully achieved key milestones in the development of its new blood group genotyping product family – ReadyPlex™. This breakthrough has released the second tranche of its 2015 funding – totalling £1.5m – which will be used for final development and commercialisation of this innovative product line.

The ReadyPlex range is aimed at the transfusion market, and will offer rapid genomic analysis of erythrocyte blood groups, human platelet antigens (HPAs), human neutrophil antigens (HNAs) and coagulation polymorphisms. A product design freeze has now been achieved, and this additional funding – supported by all the company’s current investors, including Foresight VCTs, Catapult Ventures, Enterprise Ventures, Merseyside Special Investment Fund, private investors and management – will enable verification and validation of the product family as it moves towards clinical trials. In addition, the funding will be used to increase the capabilities and production capacity of Biofortuna’s manufacturing and development contract services division, helping to meet the demand of current and future contracts.

Dr Simon Douglas, Biofortuna CEO, said: “The new investment will be used to increase the portfolio of tests currently offered by Biofortuna. These new funds and the confidence of all of our investors shows the potential of Biofortuna as a leading diagnostic kit provider, as well as a world-class contract service manufacturer.”

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30 September 2016  
New Galectin-3 reagents from BBI Solutions - a biomarker for heart failure, fibrosis and cancer
By @ 15:25 :: 90 Views

BBI Solutions (BBI) has announced the launch of a range of antibodies for the biomarker Galectin-3. The antibodies complement BBI’s Galectin-3 antigen, which was also launched earlier this year. Available to sample now, these antibodies are highly sensitive with low cross-reactivity. 

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26 September 2016  
A FIT Sample for Faecal Occult Blood Tests
By @ 12:37 :: 78 Views

With NICE now focussing on the more sensitive and specific Faecal Immunochemical Tests (FIT) for triaging patients with lower gastrointestinal symptoms, it is important to protect haemoglobin in faecal samples (f-Hb) from degradation. With any method, sample integrity is key to the quality of results, so quantitative FIT systems that use a direct sampling method can help improve this.

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