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19 February 2014  Joanne Hunter
Fast Frozen – Ready-to-Use Plasma Products Improve Quality and Process Flow
By Joanne Hunter @ 09:03 :: 563 Views

Compared to traditional lyophilised plasma controls, the Precision BioLogic (Nova Scotia, Canada), range of CRYOcheckTM Factor Deficient Plasmas provide significant quality and productivity improvements for the haemostasis laboratory. Exclusively available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories (Hampshire, UK), these frozen, platelet-poor plasmas are immunodepleted and assayed at less than 1% for the specific factor, by functional and antigenic methods*. The plasma is buffered and frozen, resulting in an excellent quality product that is consistent vial to vial.

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12 February 2014  Joanne Hunter
DiaSorin marks significant growth in molecular extraction kit sales
By Joanne Hunter @ 13:27 :: 266 Views

Italian Voden Medical Instruments S.p.A. awarded DiaSorin Platinum Distributor status

The Milan-based Life Science Division of Voden Medical Instruments S.p.A. has been awarded DiaSorin Platinum Distributor status in recognition of their outstanding contribution to sales of the DiaSorin Arrow instrument and molecular extraction kits throughout Italy.  Meeting the specific needs of HLA (human leukocyte antigen) testing laboratories, assessing tissue compatibility in organ transplant patients, the Arrow Blood DNA extraction kit has shown particular growth and completes the Voden product offering for this important molecular investigation.

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12 February 2014  Joanne Hunter
By Joanne Hunter @ 11:40 :: 253 Views

7th February, 2014 - Cobham, UK. The Directors would like to update shareholders on the Company’s trading activities. Revenue for 2013 is expected to show a significant increase over 2012 resulting from the strong performance across our core activities.

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12 February 2014  Joanne Hunter New Dedicated Website for Rapid Pathogen ID
By Joanne Hunter @ 09:36 :: 686 Views is now live. This dedicated website developed by Alpha Laboratories provides a valuable resource regarding the serious issue of sepsis. A systemic inflammatory response to a microbial infection, sepsis occurs in 1 in 23 patients admitted to hospital and has a tragic 16% mortality rate.

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11 February 2014  Joanne Hunter
Tri-Con 2014 – EKF Molecular to showcase PointMan™ DNA-enrichment kits
By Joanne Hunter @ 08:56 :: 273 Views

Cardiff, UK – 10th February 2014

EKF Diagnostics (, the global in vitro diagnostics business, announces that its subsidiary company EKF Molecular Diagnostics is exhibiting its ground-breaking PointMan™ DNA-enrichment technology at Tri-Con 2014 in San Francisco, CA, Booth #417, 10-14th February.

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04 February 2014  Joanne Hunter
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics partners with Pfizer to develop companion diagnostics
By Joanne Hunter @ 12:05 :: 281 Views

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Pfizer, the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company, to design, develop and commercialise diagnostic tests for therapeutic products across Pfizer’s pipeline. Under the agreement, Siemens will be one of Pfizer's collaboration partners to develop and provide in vitro diagnostic tests for use in clinical studies and, potentially, eventual global commercialisation with Pfizer products.

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31 January 2014  Joanne Hunter
Dr. Peter Wrighton-Smith Named UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) Entrepreneur of the Year
By Joanne Hunter @ 12:25 :: 288 Views

OXFORD, UK and MARLBOROUGH, MA, January. 31, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Oxford Immunotec Global PLC (Nasdaq: OXFD) announced today that its CEO, Dr. Peter Wrighton-Smith has been named the UK BioIndustry Association Entrepreneur of the Year.

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23 January 2014  Joanne Hunter
PointMan™ enriches low-level DNA mutations from whole blood
By Joanne Hunter @ 10:33 :: 340 Views

Cardiff, UK – 21st January 2014EKF Diagnostics, the global in vitro diagnostics business, announces a major breakthrough for its PointMan™ DNA enrichment technology for potential use in future cancer testing and treatment.

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23 January 2014  Rebecca Bellars
Government has made progress delivering Strategy for UK Life Sciences, but there’s more to do, says LifeSciencesUK
By Rebecca Bellars @ 09:44 :: 355 Views

A review of the government’s Strategy for UK Life Sciences has found that eight out of the 13 initiatives reviewed have made notable progress towards the actions and commitments set out in the original strategy, but there is still much more work to do to meet the strategy’s original objectives.

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15 January 2014  Joanne Hunter
Free Stool DNA extraction kits (worth 2000€) with each DiaSorin LIAISON® Ixt/Arrow™ instrument purchased in February 2014.
By Joanne Hunter @ 13:12 :: 360 Views

Building on the wide range of products available from DiaSorin for stool diagnostics, with each DiaSorin LIAISON® Ixt/Arrow™ instrument purchased during February 2014, DiaSorin is providing 2000€ worth of LIAISON® Ixt/Arrow™ Stool DNA extraction kits completely free of charge.  This offer provides an ideal opportunity to experience how LIAISON® Ixt/Arrow™ magnetic bead technology overcomes the difficulties of extracting highly purified DNA from stool samples

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