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UK Prime Minister David Cameron, endorses Proteome Sciences in keynote speech at G8 Dementia summit

 20 December 2013, Cobham, UK - Proteome Sciences plc (‘Proteome Sciences’) is pleased to report that during his key note address at The G8 Dementia Summit held in London on Wednesday 11th December, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron identified Proteome Sciences as one of the companies developing new tests in Alzheimer’s: 

“There is hope. I see it in the extraordinary work of UK life sciences companies like Proteome Sciences, working with others to develop new tests for Alzheimer’s Disease”. 

Christopher Pearce, CEO of Proteome Sciences, who attended the Pre G8 Dementia Meeting with global leaders in the field on 10th December 2013, said: 

“We are absolutely delighted that David Cameron drew attention to the ground-breaking work Proteome Sciences is undertaking in discovering and validating blood biomarkers to be used for early stage diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The research is at an advanced stage following our disclosure of excellent results in the summer showing positive predictive accuracy of 94% in AD and 88% in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and brings the prospects of a blood test significantly closer. 

We are also strongly encouraged by the news from our collaboration with researchers at Kings College, London that they have made a significant step in developing a test which could allow doctors to detect AD at an early stage before any noticeable warning signs. Out of tens of thousands of proteins in blood, the group have identified 10 on results from over 1000 individuals that they believe could be used to identify Alzheimer’s and we await further results with great interest.” 

Professor Simon Lovestone at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London said: 

“We are nervous about claiming too many breakthroughs but I think we are seeing in this study more promising data than I have seen before.” 

Proteome Sciences has established a comprehensive range of biomarker assays and services in AD for the pharmaceutical industry as it switches programmes increasingly to tackle tau tangles in combination with beta amyloid plaques for the next generation of drugs and patient management. Our biomarkers can be used for increasing the speed and reducing the cost of clinical trials, for patient stratification, drug development and testing and monitoring patient response. The G8 Summit pulled together health ministers from around the world to develop co-ordinated global action on dementia calling for innovation and working collectively in partnership with the ambition to identify a cure or disease modifying therapy for dementia by 2025. 

Christopher Pearce concluded: 

“At Proteome Sciences we firmly believe the use of protein biomarkers and related proteomics technologies has a vital role to play in finding the means to successfully diagnose early and treat what is one of the most distressing and debilitating diseases of our time and that our contribution will be pivotal in that process ”.