Salary Survey

The survey provides BIVDA member companies with:

  • A validated source of IVD industry specific, accurate and objective market data on rates of pay and terms and conditions of employment.
  • Access to up-to-date, comparative pay data which can save time and money in recruitment and retention of key members of staff.
  • Detailed pay and benefits information matched against 19 benchmark roles specifically in the in vitro diagnostics sector, and identified by BIVDA members.

Market Audit

The Market Audit is a reliable way for IVD companies who operate in the UK to receive detailed half-yearly statistics on the size and growth of the UK market and their position within it, without their own data becoming visible to other participants. In the absence of official UK government statistics, it is the only comprehensive and independent source of market data in this industry. The audit also provides BIVDA with information to enhance data about the sector.

WEEE Compliance Scheme

Companies impacted by the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations include manufacturers, rebranders and importers of EEE products used in the healthcare sector which covers an extensive range of equipment.

Final Users responsibilities - As well as placing financial obligations on Producers for the collection and recycling of WEEE, the Regulations place a number of responsibilities on non-household Final Users of EEE. While, generally, final-users are unaware of the development of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment legislation, key players in the healthcare sector, ABHI, DoH, NHS, PASA and NHS Supply Chain have been debating this waste issue for a number of years.

Decontamination - Final users of medical equipment, that has been contaminated or infected with biological material, are required to provide evidence that the EEE items have since been decontaminated to the required standards before the equipment can be classed as WEEE and disposed of safely by the Producer. This has associated costs which can potentially increase if the Final User cannot provide evidence of decontamination.

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