BIVDA Reports

  • Industry AMR Declaration
    BIVDA and its members have produced an AMR Declaration, outlining the action industry will take to tackle antimicrobial resistance and the commitments we need to see from the Government.
  • The Value of IVDs
    The eight page report examines how in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) are delivering value for patients, the NHS and the UK economy. The document is supported by a range of case studies focused around three key themes:
    •    Improvement: Empowering patients for better outcomes, diagnosis and treatment
    •    Impact: Increasing efficiencies and savings within the NHS
    •    Investment: Contribution To The UK economy
  • Manifesto 2017 
    Ahead of the 2017 General Election, BIVDA published its own manifesto outlining the top 5 ‘asks’ of the IVD sector.
  • 25th Anniversary Celebration 
    A special report which celebrates BIVDA’s 25th Anniversary. Includes our key achievements and milestones and suggestions on how we can ensure the ongoing success of the IVD sector.
  • Robust, fair and sustainable: Our vision for the future access and provision of molecular diagnostics in England 
    The focus of our vision looks at the usage of molecular diagnostics in oncology. At the heart of it is a call for a national commissioning structure for molecular diagnostics. 
  • Point of Care Testing Environment Survey Report 
    This survey of point of care coordinators from acute hospitals shows that, while there is a positive future for point of care testing, this is not always reflected in the service that exists presently within secondary care.
  • LifeSciencesUK: From Vision to Action: Delivery of the Strategy for UK Life Sciences 
    With this report, we celebrate the progress and successes so far, but also make an honest assessment of the challenges and areas for further work.  
  • Safe and consistent? The regulation of pathology testing 
    Through this audit we found that half of NHS providers reported that they used tests which had been developed in-house. We believe that the results of this audit show that there is a need to put in place further and more robust measures around in-house testing to ensure that everyone whose care is based on an IVD can be confident in the service they are receiving.
  • Unlocking the potential of in vitro diagnostics in the NHS 
    This report examines the key challenges that must be addressed in order to fully realise the potential cost efficiencies and patient benefits that can be made by the appropriate use of in vitro diagnostics. 


BIVDA Position Papers